Merino wool sweaters, cardigans and loungewear for women and men: sustainably produced in the EU. Completely seamless: for maximum comfort!

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Sustainable seamless 3D knitwear. Made in EU. Based in Berlin.

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Kurfürstendamm, 178,

10707, Berlin

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Sweater for women in orange. 100% merino in summer quality. Knitted completely seamless in 3D. Long cardigan for women in dark blue. Beige sweater for women made of extra fine merino wool. Sweater in red with balloon sleeves. Yellow sweaters for women. Long merino wool cardigan. Midi knitted dress made of 100% finest merino wool. Seamless 3D knitting. Experience the highest level of comfort that has ever been. High quality knitwear for women and men. Made in EU. Based in Berlin. Knitted pants in beige. Knit pants dark blue. 100% extra fine mulesing-free merino wool. Oversized sweater in metallic dark blue. Cardigan beige with button placket. Sustainably produced in the EU. Sweater in dark red with cable pattern. Finest merino wool in premium quality and seamless 3D knitting technology. Jogging suit made of knitted premium merino wool, manufactured using a 3D knitting process. Knitted suit in camel brown made of 100% extra fine merino wool. Seamless 3D knitwear in premium quality! Extra fine merino wool in luxury quality. Knit two-piece suit for women gray. Sweatpants made of knit in gray. Sweatpants made of knit in camel brown. Jogging suit made from knitted premium merino wool. Highest wearing comfort thanks to seamless 3D knitting technology. Oversized sweater aqua blue made of 100% merino wool in luxury quality. Long dress with polo collar made of 100% merino. Bordeaux women's sweater. Lemon yellow oversized sweater. Merino wool sweater in lilac. Premium quality and maximum comfort thanks to seamless 3D knitting technology. Yesterday was uncomfortable! Knitted dress beige with long sleeves. Sustainable production from yarn to labels in the European Union. Seamless 3D knitwear for the highest demands! Your skin will love it! Only with us! Ladies costume for wedding in rose beige. Luxury merino wool. Elegant and festive. Luxurious quality.

Finest loungewear only with us! Knit jogging suit for women. Made completely seamless in 3D. Premium quality for the highest demands.

Wide sweater in beige with rounded hem. Sweater women made of 100% merino wool in hot pink. Discover our Luxury Edition made of metallic yarn!

Made seamlessly in 3D. Pink knitted dress made of rib knit. Ribbed dress with a slightly flared skirt. Lined. 100% extra fine merino wool. Rib knit dress in pink extra fine merino wool. Made completely seamless in 3D. The technology takes three-dimensional physique into account: clothing adapts better to the shape of the body and ensures a natural fit.

Long sleeve polo dress beige. Seamless 3D knitting technology for the highest quality demands. Your skin will love it! Discover our latest looks! Casual sweater in purple. Finest 100% merino wool. Cardigan in kimono style light blue. Long open cardigan made from 100% extra fine merino wool. The most comfortable knitwear of all time only with us!

Sweater women red. Extra fine merino wool. Sweater with contrasting stripes made of 100% merino wool in gray. Oversized sweater in camel brown. Long sweater in turquoise blue made of luxurious extra-fine merino wool. Structural knit. Knit dresses, sweaters, leisure suits that are not only worn for one season, but rather dresses that accompany us through everyday life in every situation. Yellow sweater. 100% finest merino wool. Made seamlessly in 3D.

Comfortable knitted suit for women. Loungewear made from luxury merino wool. Sweater women 100% merino wool light blue. Sweater 100% extra fine merino wool camel brown. Bordeaux merino wool sweater. Sweater burgundy extra fine merino wool, seamless 3D manufacturing technology.

Red men's sweater made from 100% finest merino wool Men's light blue sweater made from premium quality merino wool Sweater made from the finest premium merino wool.

Long sweater made of 100% merino wool. Light blue oversized sweater. 100% extra fine merino wool


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